A Letter From The Riley’s

A Letter From the Riley's

As we begin a new year and look back at 2023, it’s hard to fathom all we accomplished in such a short time as we opened Shamrock Hills Vineyard and Winery. We could not have done it without the support of our community! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! It’s been a
little overwhelming as we’ve dove into this new adventure, but we are excited for what is to come in 2024 and look forward to having you all along for this journey!

We aren’t going to let this bitter cold snowy January stop us! Actually, despite the 10+ inches of snow we received out at the Hills, we are grateful for God’s blanket to protect our young vines from these below zero temperatures.

We realize not everyone who comes out to see us likes wine and we want this to be a place for friends to gather. That is why we are excited to announce that we now have our microbrewing license and Mike has started his first batches of Micro Brews!

We have also been working on our first batches of the Shamrock Hills Wines and in 2024 we plan to release 14 new labels! We just bottled the 2022 Chambourcin that has been on oak and we are getting ready to bottle our 2023 Vignoles. We have the new 2023 Chloe’s Cuvee getting
close to being bottled, as well as our 2023 Chardonel.

One thing you will discover with our new labels—except for the blends and sweet wines, they will be called by their grape—Chambourcin will be called Chambourcin, Chardonel will be called Chardonel. Our goal is to highlight the grape behind the wine. Book mark our website www.shamrockhillsvineyard.com and follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date on all of our events—new ones are always being added.

Now, sit back and enjoy the journey ahead! When the roads are clear, come out and escape the winter blues with us, until then, sit back and enjoy a glass of wine as you read!

Mike and Denise Riley

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