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Vignoles Reserve Wine

Vignoles Reserve | Alcohol 14% by VOL. 750 ML | Finger Lakes International Wine Competition Silver Medal

Light, crisp and refreshing, with a touch of citrus and pear, our Vignole has a tarte finish.

Pair with seafood, light chicken dishes, creamy pastas and mild cheeses.

Chardonel Wine

Chardonel | Alcohol 13% by VOL. 750 ML | Finger Lakes International Wine Competition Bronze Medal

Light and fragrant, with hints of melon, white peach, citrus and apricot, our chardonel is medium-bodied with a slightly dry finish.

Four Horses and a Dog Chambourcin

Chambourcin: Original Cin | Alcohol 12.8% by VOL. 750 ML | Finger Lakes International Wine Competition Bronze Medal

Original Cin is the seriously spicy, sexy, red-headed hot lady of wines.

Feminine and mysterious, with a juicy aroma of fresh cherry, black currant and a hint of spice, our chambourcin bursts with earthy flavor.

Pair with the darkest chocolate you can find, of course. Ooh la la. PS: She gets better with age.

Four Horses and aDog Sweet Roan Red

Sweet Roan Red Blend | Alcohol 12.5% by VOL. 750 ML

Sweet wine is a rare sight to see at Four Horses and a Dog – and that’s exactly why we’ve named this red blend Sweet Roan. Inspired by the unique roan horse, this wine is sweet and crisp, with a splash of fresh berries.

Pair with your favorite grilled dishes.

Four Horses and a Dog Noiret

Noiret: Luther’s Revenge | Alcohol 12% by VOL. 750 ML

It would be bold to say this wine can change you as a person – but yes, this wine can actually bring on a reformation.

Luther’s Revenge contains a mix of black pepper, raspberry and mint.

Completely life altering, in a good way.

Pair with steak or lamb.

Chancellor Wine

Chancellor | Alcohol 12% by VOL. 750 ML | Best Seller | Finger Lakes International Wine Competition Bronze Medal

A dry blend of berries and pepper, our chancellor has a balance of rich flavor and smooth texture.

Pair with steak or lamb.

Chambourcin Almost Rose Wine

Chambourcin: Almost Rosé | Alcohol 11.7% by VOL. 750 ML

Our first attempt at creating the perfect Rosé ended up, well, a little less than perfect. But don’t be fooled into thinking this one’s some kind of wannabe – Almost Rosé is perfectly imperfect and that’s exactly why we love it.

Fresh and crisp, with a hint of cherry and spice, our Almost Rosé is a balancing act between lightly sweet and dry.


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